I wont be buying any new dresses for a while because of costs. Either way, assume that I may never get anything on the list but I will sure as hell try. 

Angelic Pretty: 

-Mliky Chan OP in brown

-Cherry Berry Bunny OP/JSK

Miracle Candy OP/JSK (not tiered JSK because it's ugly) in black

Decoration Dream Apron Skirt

Memorial Cake OP/JSK in white

Dreamy Dollhouse OP or JSK in lavender

Regimental Olivia in black or navy

Chocolat a la Mode JSK in navy

Fragrant Rose Memories either JSK in Ivory or Mint 

 Alice and the Pirates:
Queen Marie OP in black

 Mary Magdalene: 

-Carlotta OP in Shell Rose or Milky Mint

Moi Meme Moitie 
-Divine Cross skirt in blue with white print or JSK in blue with white print